the magic of life….

I have been deeply thinking about life in the past 3 days. On tuesday I awoke to hear of my husbands grandmother, the matriarch of his family, had passed during the night. On Wednesday I was told by a dear friend that she has a very rare cancer, and this morning, Thursday, I awoke to an email telling me about my 28 year old cousin who was just diagnosed with cancer, both forms very different. In these moments, as I hold each of them dearly to my heart, I reflect on life and its gifts.

This life is precious, each and every moment. With every breath we “inspire”, we have choice. We have a choice to live life fully or not. We can choose to hold pain from the past, or we can forgive. We can choose the light or remain in the darkness. We have strengths beyond our knowing, we have a depth of heart that can carry us deeper into love, and we have the ability to be free and to be fully present in this moment, right here, right now.

We also have the power to really embrace all that we are, to look at our dreams and realize that they are possible, that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We have the courage to take the leap and dive into all that is possible in our lives. We can finally realize that the only limitations in our lives are usually the ones we place on ourselves, through old story, or beliefs.

And now, you and I have the choice and freedom to let go of old stories, to stand tall with courage to be all that we can be, to ourselves, our families, our communities and this earth. I choose this freedom, I choose life in all its glory and wonder. I stand rooted in myself and all that I am, as a powerful source of light. I choose to live my life purpose to be that source of light that illuminates all beings to live in their fullest potential, in body, mind and spirit.

I will not shrink to fit others around me, I will shine so that I can give others permission to do the same. I will embrace myself fully, so that I can be fully present with an open heart, and in service to those around me who may need a gentle reminder: that they are also of this same source of life and love.

And I wholeheartedly choose this love. For love is what transcends all. Love is what gives us courage, compassion and strength. Love is what feeds our souls and nourishes our being. So I urge us all to keep our hearts open, to live life fully in its pain, and in its joy. To let go of what does not serve us, and to deepen and sink into what truly matters. May our hearts keep expanding, loving, deepening and caring for all around us, may we express our love more openly and more often, may we share with all around us the beauty of our heart and let it radiate so that we may be fully in this moment of love, and treasure it for the gift it truly is.

What will you choose today?

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