I am here to transform consciousness.

Diving into all parts of me, my shadow,what holds me back, my strengths, my gifts, my connection to the whole, gives me the freedom to live the life I LOVE. Knowing myself so deeply creates spaciousness for me to make empowered choices daily that will enhance my life. I leave no rock unturned, I am a passionate soul worker, and because I do this deep dive into consciousness EVERY single day, I am committed to creating sacred space for this freedom to unfold for others.

Have you felt bored with you life, dissatisfied, confused, overwhelmed? Do you feel stuck in your life and crave freedom, and want to know what gets in your way? Do you want to claim life, own your light and your divine purpose? Well, now you can.

This work has inspired great change within me, and I lean into life with a deep trust of its magic. It has been the greatest gift to my parenting, no longer a victim of sleep deprivation, or feeling like my needs do not get met. I have essentially reparented myself in the process and have created more joy then I could of possibly imagined. All my relationships have blossomed, and most importantly my relationship with myself has become one of beauty, respect and a deep honoring.

My passion is to ignite others into living an authentic life where they fully and freely own their purpose, their light, their LIFE. My mission is to spread this work GLOBALLY so that we can all learn what it means to embrace LIFE with all our heart and be FREE. Unhindered. HAPPY.

What a beauty-full world it will be!


~jayantii lawless~




Professional Coach Training:

Co-Active Coach Training at CTI, The Coaches Training Institute. CTI is the largest and oldest coach training school in the world. I also completed their Co-Active Leadership Program which is a powerful, experiential 10-month leadership training that supports you to embrace your deepest and most authentic strengths as a leader.

Lucid Living: The Great Story Coaching Program: Is a revolutionary coaching Program created to reveal the grand design of your life through a transformational journey of discovering your Great Story.

Other things about me:

I have over 16 years of experience as a Health Care Practitioner. I trained at the The dhyana Center in their Ayurvedic Practitioner Training, the Milne Institute for Visionary Craniosacral Therapy, and The California School of Herbal Studies. I completed Yoga Teacher Training and became a Reiki Master and have been on the path of mindful meditation and yoga ever since 2000.

In the midst of all of this I had my own Photography business, just because beautiful imagery pleases and uplifts my soul.

I was born and raised in Ireland and became a lover of traveling at a young age. I have lived in Northern California for nearly 10 years. I delight in playing instruments, singing, connection, dance, herbal medicine making, anything crafty and creative. And most of all, I love my amazing daughter and husband and the beautiful life we co-create together.

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