I’m ready for more!

I have been in a serious nurturing mode for the past two years, with my beauty-full daughter and some deep diving clients that have reached for amazing shifts in their lives.

Here is the GREAT NEWS, I have more openings. But what is it exactly that I do, what is my job? This is what I do:

I offer you FREEDOM!

With two coaching calls a month we will dive deeply and explore what is holding you back. Here’s the thing: most of us live our lives according to our experience from the past. Things, events, wounds have happened to all of us, and we make our decisions in our life based on these past wounds, or fears. We created beliefs about life, stories about who we are, and we limit what we can actually create. And you know what the amazing thing is here? Most of us don’t even realize it. We don’t realize we live a life that has its confined ideas about who we need to be or how we need to live.

My work is about shedding light on what limits you, about your story up until now. You will discover key events that triggered these beliefs, we will visit them, unravel them, and make space for more freedom in how you want to live your life. You will discover why it happened, and how it created changes to get you where you are today. You will get the opportunity to reclaim your life in a whole new transformative way.

By really understanding your life and how it unfolded, you will be able to tap into your true gifts, talents, your grace. And not only does it change your present reality, but having an understanding of the past creates more compassion and empathy and disopates these old wounds. There is a softening that can happen, and an opening of the soul to truly live the life that has been intended for you. You get to author your own life, free from the old stories, you get to write a new script.

Is there something about your life that you feel discontented with, but are not exactly sure why?  Your job, your leadership, your relationships or parenting? Are you triggered by certain people or circumstances? Are you wanting more out of life, but just don’t know how to make changes? I will support you finding those answers.

So, thats what I do. This is my job- leading people to live more happy and authentic lives, that’s how I thrive, that’s what brings me joy.

If you are curious and want to know more, contact me for a Breakthrough Session and discover how this work can help you live a more balanced and rich life.



Vulnerability as a Strength

I use to think crying was a sign of weakness. It isn’t. I just wasn’t in touch with my emotions enough to express all that was in my heart. As a mother I have quickly learned that crying is not a weakness, it is a way to discharge emotion, to move on, to let go, to shed a layer of your self that needs to release. It is a strength. Releasing tears makes more space for joy and happiness. Sometimes we even shed them because we feel so happy.

Today I stood swaying my daughter to sleep in my mommas group shedding tears because of the intense sleep deprivation over the last 6 weeks. My tears fell and I was held with empathy, no one solved my problems; women just heard me and held me in my challenge. We heard each other, others cried, we softened, we opened ourselves up to the wisdom that each expressed and afterwards our hearts felt happier and lighter. Something sacred unfolded. I was in a container that was safe to share my soul, to be naked in front of these women, to admit I was not perfect and I didn’t have all the answers. And I felt better. I was not alone.

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parents……put down your phones!

Why put your phone away?

Our babies see us using our devices. Its plain and simple folks: they know when our energy is taken away from them. In moments where connection could be building their confidence, their immunity, their sense of self worth in their first months of life, some of us choose to disconnect to the moment right in front of us and connect to the cyber world instead. During breastfeeding, or lulling or rocking them asleep, or walking with them either snuggled in a baby wrap or in the stroller. They FEEL everything. They know when we disconnect.

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Embracing what is…..

At 5 am during a night feed for my 4 month old daughter, I realized I was denying my reality…once again. For over a month she awoke just once a night for some of mommas milk, and I got to get some consecutive hours sleep and feel more human. My energy levels increased, I felt more open for having more adventures in my life, which may just mean popping by a friends for a cuppa tea. Seriously, thats what its like as  a new momma.

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Tips for birth and beyond!


For the Birth:

First things first: Remember that you are a woman, and as a woman YOU have the strength and power to birth your baby. Your body knows what to do, your baby knows what to do, so let your mind go and allow yourself to BE in the experience without trying to control it. Do what you need to prepare yourself and your space for birth and when the time comes and labor has started, let it all go and be in the moment.

Allow yourself to go deeply inwards and be guided through the initiation into motherhood. Only have people present that you can poop in front of, or those who you do not have to even think about in the process. (IE if your mother is a worrier and you will end up thinking about how she is doing watching you in pain, perhaps consider whether or not she needs to be there. Do not have anyone there unless you WANT them to be there). You need to be able to focus on you and your baby, let everyone else take care of them selves. Nothing else matters.

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when days get wobbly…….you can do it momma!

June 19th…day 58 of motherhood

We all know motherhood is a blessed journey, where your heart bursts wide open with love and adoration for this new being in your life. It is sacred, it is wonderful, and it is hard.

There will be days where you are tired, where you struggle because you are so exhausted and can hardly keep up with the demands of your little one. First of all, this is NORMAL. You are not doing a terrible job because you feel unable to keep up. You are enough, you are adequate, you are doing a great job!

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some helpful tips to support a new momma…….



04 june…2014

 I have noticed that in this new role of motherhood, other people’s lives have not radically changed, and their pace of life is the same as before. They may not remember to call or visit or to ask you if you need support. Its the nature of busy lives.

We were lucky, for three weeks after Atira’s Birth friends came and delivered home cooked meals in our cooler outside the front of our home. And if we were not napping and were in the space to receive visitors, they would come in and visit for a short while. It was sacred to have this sweet space after the birth and time to really recover.

And in this process some thoughts came about tips that may be helpful for those who may not be so familiar with the parents of a new born.

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