Great Story Coaching


This work is for the soul.

It allows you to FULLY live life more authentically and with joy. This designed program reveals how you author your own life and your experiences. It opens you up to the choices you make and how to move towards a Great Story that elevates your resonance so that you can powerfully claim life and live it to the fullest.

 What our journey may look like:

 ~How it usually unfolds: 2 monthly calls (a call every other week for 1 hour). We get to design what suits you best in our opening session.

 ~Throughout our time together we will peel back the layers of the past and embrace all those old stories you have held as absolute truths. We will uncover all the old beliefs that have been inhibiting your growth and your joy. And quite frankly, been keeping you playing small in your life.

~Layer by layer there will be touching and vulnerable realizations about how life has been lived up until this moment and an opportunity to really see and understand why.

~Having a deep clarity about what blocks you can move you into the rich terrain of  choice. Choice is the empowered tool that can transform your life and lead you to create compelling visions and empowered motivations for living with more joy and happiness.


~We will explore what kind of story you tell yourself: are you feeling powerless about something in life, are there many struggles and challenges that are hard to overcome or are you feeling connected to your vision and heart?

~We will also identify who is telling your story: is it the child within, the rebellious teen, the adult in you? We will learn to listen to all the voices and hear where healing needs to transpire to lead to a wholesome balanced life. 

~By reviewing compassionately the places that inhibit joy in your life you get to move towards your passions, what excites you and what you love in life.

~This will naturally lead us to uncovering and connecting with your deepest triumphs and grace, and your Great Story. This story is one of love, compassion, excitement, deep wisdom and magic!


This is an opportunity to create real change in how you live, to see the grand design of your life and how all things are connected AND necessary for contributing to your own unique story.

This journey will support you to embrace that you are not a victim of circumstance nor are you dictated by it, but rather you make a powerful CHOICE about how you respond to life unfolding. That’s the irresistible charm of this work: we get to create our own experience.

 Are you ready to start living life on your terms, unhindered and free of the old stories that kept you standing still? Take charge of your conscious awakening, and let me support you get there!


Whether you are an executive, a new parent, a healer, a CEO, or someone who wants more out of life, this work will support you becoming more. It provides transformation for whomever wants to lean in, look deeper, and shed the shackles of limitations. If you want FREEDOM then go ahead, take the leap and let’s begin!


To create significant and lasting momentum in your life, I ask for a minimum of 6 months commitment. To achieve anything extraordinary in life, there needs to be willingness to engage, and most of all the willingness to give yourself the gift of change.


Contact me for more information or details about price.



Coach and Leadership Training at CTI, Coaches Training Institute , San Rafael, California.  Lucid Living Great Story Coaching Program, California.

For clarity~Coaching is not Counseling or Therapy.






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