The path to your ultimate truth is Satya.

While wild things are unfolding in this changing world today I remain deeply connected to my passion to elevate human consciousness one being at a time.

My work, my passion, allows me to support people to truly find themselves, to get to know themselves so intimately that they find freedom, happiness and joy.

Is there something about your life that you feel discontented with, but are not exactly sure why: your job, your leadership, your relationships or parenting? Are you triggered by certain people or circumstances, or do patterns keep repeating themselves? Are you wanting more out of life, but just don’t know how to make changes?

Many of my clients have been feeling the pull of their Soul calling them to make a change but not seeing how to make that change or even understanding what or who is calling them. I will support you gain clarity and find those answers.

Working with me means you will find all parts of yourself the parts who have hidden away from old wounds enveloped in shame, hurt or pain, the parts that are making choices from fear or control, the parts of you that have created beliefs that do not serve you and keep you small, and the deepest part of your soul who nurtures you and knows how to lead you to truth and joy.

You learn to listen to all of these parts, with compassion, and to make a conscious empowered choice about how you want to live. You become the true author of your life and no longer determine your life according to the circumstances, but rather choose how you wish to respond to life and the beauty it offers.

It is deep soulful work. It takes time, tenderness, love and patience.
And through it all, you are held with love.

If you are ready to truly know thyself,
To learn new skills in nurturing yourself,
To develop tools to free yourself from old stories:

Then contact me for a Complimentary BreakThrough Session to find out how this work will transform your life.